Meet The Athletes

James Bayley

I started my foray into the fitness world when I was only 18 years old

weighing in at only 11 stone, Wanting to better myself I joined a gym.

After dabbling with training it wasn't until I was 30 and had my first child, that I wanted my child to look up to me seeing her dad healthy and strong, capable of protecting this child and his family. As I grow stronger with my training this becomes even more so a reality. I am now 40 years of age and have recently slimmed down from 22 stone to 20 stone, all while getting stronger. At the end of 2019 Dale Peters, of Big Dogs Strongman Division, took me under his wing and has been pushing me with the aim of winning Wales Strongest Man in the Masters' division and then to go on to compete in Britains! I still have a long way to go but I will keep bettering myself and becoming a stronger version of myself.

To all those out there, don't give up on what you want to do!

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Jason Jones (Spartan Atlas Stones)

Although I have been training for the majority of my life it as only until I reached the age of 40 that I developed a love for strongman, fortunately, I was lucky enough to have friends within the industry who became my training partners, (Big Dogs) they encouraged me to compete, since then I have never looked back. My first competition was a baptism of fire when I entered the UK's strongest masters where I placed 6th, from that day I was hooked! I'm currently 3rd in wales and 7th in Britain, so far my plans for this year is to better my places in both of them competitions and to get the welsh masters record in the deadlift 325kg and atlas stones of 190kg.

I'm also the owner of Spartan atlas stones.